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Trading as if People Matter

‘Gordon Uniting Church is a Fair Trade church. To us fair trade means shopping for many products in a more ethical way. Buying a fair trade product does have an ongoing positive impact to producers in developing countries.’
At Gordon Uniting we use Fairtrade Products where possible. At the moment we purchase Fairtrade coffee, tea and sugar. If you are interested in purchasing for yourself click here

Fair Trade

is a global movement responding to the failures of conventional trade. Fair Trade empowers disadvantaged communities by paying them fair and stable prices for their work and good working conditions for farmers and workers.

Fair Trade

companies pay sustainable prices, allowing the poorest and weakest producers to improve their position and have more control over their lives.
 Conventional trade traditionally discriminates against these people.

Fair Trade

helps producer groups to develop skills to run a sustainable business and gives them access to world markets. Fair Trade also includes a fair go for Indigenous Australians.

Fair Trade

delivers a better deal for farmers and producers in the developing world through:

  • A fair and stable price for their produce
  • Security of long-term contracts
  • Investment in local community development
  • Improved working conditions
  • Environmentally sustainable farming methods
  • Support in gaining the knowledge and skills needed to operate successfully in the global economy
  • The Fairtrade Minimum Price

  • Who Gives a crap

    In addition, at Gordon Uniting we are using "Who gives a crap" toilet paper.
    "Who Gives a crap" is a company determined to prove that toilet paper can be more than just wiping bums. It makes all products with environmentally friendly materials. They donate 50% of their profits to Wateraid to build toilets in the developing world.It is environmentally friendly, it uses 100% recycled paper fibres, bamboo or sugarcane in our products. It saves water, carbon emissions and trees.
    If you are interested in purchasing for yourself or finding out more click here