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  • 1 Livingstone Ave, Pymble, NSW, 2073

Tuesday Conversations?


Thoughtful chat?
Tuesday conversations?
Thinking Conference?

The ambiguity of the title reflects the ambiguity of life and our search for meaning and expressions of the spirit.

and TP? - Time Poor - our impression that are trapped by what we are currently doing

More Detail?

Church for many has become inflexible, dogmatic and out-of-date.

We are starting again with a 21st century dream, judeo/christian scriptures in one hand and 70,000 years of human spirituality in the other.

What might some of our starting axioms* be? We are:

  • Probably wrong rather than probably right - There are over 40,000 Christian denominations (Not even trying to count all the other faith and religions and their denominations). Anyone's ability to claim a monopoly on truth is long since gone. Better to grab something and stick with it and then learn to listen to others.
  • Shaped by the goodness of life, rather than its undeniable tragedy - We can live with pain, listening and comforting others, but still wonder and dream.
  • Inclusive - believing that all people embody the universal image of God
  • Partnering with science and modern technology - people are people and things are things
  • Mystical and not literalist or fundamentalist - searching for meaning and God is the journey, not the start and not a demonstration of compliance
  • Integrated action and belief, you can measure your real beliefs by your actions - it is more important how you believe
  • Want to participate in developing our faith, do not want to be told what to think in any absolute sense

* Everybody starts with something and develops their belief system from it - well thats what we think anyway.