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  • 18 Cecil St, Gordon, NSW, 2072
  • 1 Livingstone Ave, Pymble, NSW, 2073



“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” Mother Teresa

We have a great number of opportunities for people to offer time. You do not have to be a member to be a volunteer. Everybody can valuably contribute to growing our community, raising issues or working in social action.
The centre is always looking for volunteer coordinators, baristas, coaches and cooks.

Contact us (here) if you have some time and we will find a job in somewhere! Contact us (here) if you want help with your a community development project. We may capture part of your vision and be able to help.


Based on the five loaves and two fish’s story, I chose the Uniting Church colours. The basic circle resembles a plate, which could represent the collection plate or a basket. Each of the five round shapes represents a bread roll or a wrapped gift. No two are identical, to suggest that we each have our own individual gift to offer. The design is not perfect; it contains lots of irregularities and flaws, which are deliberately not ironed out, to suggest that no one is perfect, no gift is perfect. The plate is full to represent abundance. The loaves are in the form of a cross to suggest sacrifice and each loaf bears a cross to indicate the individual sacrifice of each person’s gift.

Like any community based organsation, we rely on donations and gifts from within and beyond our membership base. We do not mandate gift size. The strategy of "give what you can" in a modern context has resulted in our community always having enough to resource our ministries and share into our local and more distant parts of our community.

The Church’s Bank Account is “Gordon Uniting Church Giving Direct” BSB 634-634 Account10-002-5867.
Note that the Church Office also has credit card facilities available.